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My name is Alice Hoffmann.

I am a manga artist from Austria and have been creating personal art for nearly 20 years.

Illustration and sequential art are both dear to me.

I aim to pay as much attention to detail as possible while expressing the emotional idea behind a single piece or longer story.

I graduated from FH Hagenberg Upper Austria in the bachelor degree media and technology design but of course learning never stops. I was blessed to enjoy art mentorships by Sycra Yasin and Istebrak.

Learning and striving for new heights is a source of joy for me even outside of artistic skills. I am fascinated with psychology and health improvements.

In other words: 

I am one of those people who like cold showers.

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● Artbook contribution Artists for Peace

● Art Submission for Ardor Art Cards


Nemesta – Lieben und Tod [Comic project in collaboration with the author Felix Hänisch]

● Mentorship with Istebrak

● Launch of my Youtube Channel


Loveliest Potion [27-page oneshot comic for SMA14]
● Artbook contribution Sites of Austria


● Manga drawing course Illustration im Mangastil at Volkshochschule Wissensturm Linz


Ichigo Punch - AniNite Fanart Contest First Place

Nova: Synthesis Creaturum [Collaborative VN project]

● Artbook contribution Artastic: First Love


● Copic Award - Hobby & Craft Judge's Award

● Stuff that totally happened [Webcomic]

● Mentorship with Sycra Yasin

● Artbook contribution Artastic: Girls Collection

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